Aadi Ghosh

Neena was Aadi’s teacher at a very sensitive stage in his learning.

When he moved from free-learning school Mirambika to Mother’s International School (MIS), Aadi experienced a structured format of learning for the first time. He knew little english or math, and spoke mostly in hindi.

By the time Aadi entered Class 2, he was confident, with a high level of proficiency in both the subjects. All thanks to Neena.

She continued to weave her magic when she created Mind and Me. Aadi was up early every Saturday, looking forward to the one hour he spent with his favourite teacher. “I love it there,” he would say. While there may be many learning centres that use experiential learning methods, what sets Mind and Me apart is the mind of its founder.

Thank you Neena, for making a difference!

Sweta Ghosh
(M/O Aadi)
(Grade 3, Singapore American School)



Thank you for emboldening my daughter. Your positivity and encouragement brightened her days.You made her better, more thoughtful person.She always remembers to attend your classes. You are the best teacher thank u so much for your efforts for her & she loves a lot.

Mother of Rashima
(Class 1-Summer Fields)

Aadi Ghosh

Neena Ma’am was one of my favourite Class I teachers. Without her Mind and Me class, I wouldn’t have had a fun Saturday. The class was like a mini school where I made friends, played games and learnt new things. I loved her creativity in making this class. It was very educative and I would highly recommend this to any primary school student like me, who is looking for knowledge through fun.

Aadi Ghosh

Grade 3

Singapore American School


I (as a Parent) am very thankful to “Mind & ME”, as I have seen the self-confidence of my lil one has developed over time. This is one kind of class where she has learned both things, one which is part of her curriculum and the other being basic and general knowledge.

The best part of this is she looks forward to these classes and never would want to miss any of them.

From a happy Parent 😊😊
(Class 4, Gyan Bharti)


When she joined this class she was in class 2  she didn’t know well how to speak in English but later on she learnt how to speak in English and  also learnt creative writing.Her creative writing has improved after joining this class.

Really this class is Fantastic….👍👍☺😊
Mother of Palakshi
Class 4 ( The MIS)


At the time of Sreevidya’s joining I had a different perception – How she will manage at the middle of a batch with different age group of children?
Later point – Happy to learn Mind and Me teaches in such a way that Age or Middle of some batch is not a barrier.

Best part – My Daughter loves to attend these classes. Because its not only a center to go for study but also
It is a combination of all ( study, fun,activities) .She enjoys along with study so does not want to miss.
At last I can say ” Thank you Mind n Me”. Keep Shining !!

Dad of SreeVidya
(Class 1, St.Georges)


Ansh really enjoys your classes to a great extent. Earlier he never wanted to go out for any extra classes as he was not comfortable with any 3rd person’s way of teaching.

But after joining “Mind and Me” his way of thinking has changed. He loves to go on Saturdays for these classes
Thank you

(Class II, Summerfields School)

Shreya Walia

Hi ,my self Rajni Singh mother of Shreya Walia.I want to share my experience.After joining Mind nd Me ,I can see many positive changes in my daughter as she is always curious to know new things nd always excited to attend Mind nd me,waits for Saturdays!!!She is very happy to go there and enjoys many mind games ,English puzzles nd many more engaging activities.Thanks to Mind nd Me”💫✨💫✨👍

Mother of Shreya Walia
(Class 4 DPS)


Kiyaansh really enjoys the group discussion session with games, creativity and lots of fun. You are great with the kids and always make the class fun and so creative.

A big thanks to “Mind n Me”.

From Smita Tahilyani
Mother of Kiyaansh
(Class 1, Laxman Public School)

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