I seem to be on an endless journey of discovering myself. Sometimes this recognition of self amuses me ,at other times it accuses me and most of the time it confuses me.It is extremely easy to write about ones academic and professional qualification where every letter is designed and defined to impress the reader.

Talking about me… *I love children – just being around them makes me happy ,lively and free.They are absolutely magical and I draw my energy from them. * I love writing poems and articles on impromptu thoughts * I love reading short stories * Any kind of music which soothes my soul helps me destress * I am still learning to meditate * I am still struggling to swim * I am still grappling to bring a change in education

The last one is what I connect with the most.I aspire to touch as many hearts through this online stage.

My aim is to spread cheer among all the children of this world through games, activities and worksheets such that learning for all becomes a never ending journey of FUN. Love to all .

A new school of thought, word and expression