Q. Is Mind and ME a tuition centre?
Mind and ME is ‘not’ a tuition centre. Here, games, activities ,exercises and worksheets are planned with an aim to develop-
-Confident self motivated learners
-Independent thinkers and doers
-Focus and Memory
-A caring attitude towards the other

Q. How is my child going to adjust in a heterogenous group?
The activities, games and exercises done at Mind and ME suits any age. We have children ‘only’ from the primary( 5 to 11 years) school so there is not much of an age gap.Moreover,they learn patience,speed and adjustment from each other.

Q. How can my child benefit from an online class?
Mind and ME is more of collaborative learning which involves a lot of interaction and engaging activities. Personally, I don’t recommend an online class where a child is listening to or watching a long, boring online session.Just not done. But parents who stay in areas where there is not much access to individual guidance have to opt for an online class. All you have to do is book a class, post your area of academic concern related to any topic in English or Mathematics (Class 1 to 5) and I will try my best to help your child.

Q. Why the name Mind and ME?
Mind is what we are born with and ME is what we make of ourselves during this interesting journey of life. Proper training of the mind and the self will help us become confident, caring and committed adults. The formative years is a time when the foundation of a lifetime is laid so let it start right here and we will make sure it is strong enough.

Q. Can you tell us about the founder of Mind and ME?
The founder ( Mrs.Neena Arakal ) is an MA –B.Ed with more than two decades of teaching experience in prominent schools of Delhi (Convent of Jesus and Mary and The Mother’s International ).Her specialized field is elementary education. She has written English Grammar books for Angel’s International publication. Neena is also an English Newsreader at All India Radio. She has conducted workshops for teachers on- Changing forms of teaching and learning, Public speaking, Communication skills and Creative writing. What she enjoys the most is the Mind and ME class where she puts in her heart and soul such that children benefit emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

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