Mind and ME is exclusively for children from elementary classes.  A place where they can freely express through thought, word and action. A range of group games ,activities and exercises help them to develop love towards learning.

My aim is to make every child confident, independent and responsible. Stories, drama and music have super magical powers which work wonders on the overall development of a child. Values, emotions and empathy can never be taught. They can only be heard, seen spoken ,drawn, enacted or recited.
I wish every school, every home and every learning centre around the world include kindness,cooperation grit and integrity as the most essential skills of life till we reach a time, a paradise ,a place where there is no fear towards learning, no school dropouts and no failures.

A place where every individual is accepted,respected and emerges as a self motivated learner. Mind and ME is my baby which I would nurture and bring magic into the life of every child on this earth wherever they may be .

That is a promise.

A new school of thought, word and expression