What is the role of schools today?

Let’s study the ground realities first.

Take for instance the school timings.It is mostly 8:00 -2:00pm for which the child has to get up at 6 am(or earlier)and by the time s/he reaches home in the afternoon,it is 3:00pm. So on an average nine hours are easily devoted to school each day.If the parents are working then the time spent with them reduces to maximum two hours per day and there have been cases when the child goes off to sleep even before the parent comes back from office.

So the moot question here is- where does the child look for love ,attention,patience and care?Definitely at a place where s/he spends maximum time. Without doubt, earlier schools used to be just ‘fecilitators’ because the timings were not so stretchable,one parent used to be at home,working parents used to be back early and there was always this one patient listener at home.We, as kids had seen a lot of together time which many children of today are not so fortunate enough.In today’s scenario, together time has been replaced with screen time. Now the home situation is completely different. The curriculum developers have to understand this massive transition in society.Children spend more time socializing in school than anywhere else.

So isn’t it high time to completely do away with redundant syllabus,mugging up never ending answers to irrelevant questions, learning formulas and concepts which will never be applied at any point of time in life? As a parent, when you go through your child’s text books,doesn’t this question come into your mind , ‘I also racked my brains learning all this and when was the last time I actually tried to recall a formula to solve an issue in life?’

It is disturbing when you get to read that now there are apps and sites available on the net which rent a friend.How insane is that? In our pursuit of higher intelligence we have lost the ability to approach or befriend or smile at strangers. Our society has come to an edge where we need to buy a friend.

Our home situations have changed,environment has changed ,world situations have changed ,then why are we still stuck with the same syllabus in schools?

Restructuring of the school curriculum has to begin right from nursery. There is a dire need to change the Time table from subject base to value base.Focus should be on learning skills to work towards a better community.Values of human nature like kindness,honesty, integrity should be taken up as serious subjects. Knowledge can be attained from a variety of mediums but there has to be a concretely planned system to reshape the entire curriculum.

Have we ever tried to understand why there have been discipline issues in majority of schools today? It is mainly because teachers are overworked,teacher student ratio is mind boggling and the syllabus is so much that trivial issues of discipline are majorly ignored.

What if we just reduce the syllabus and deal with discipline issues with patience till each child learns to respect rules and be kind to each other? It’s high time that schools change their roles from being facilitators to institutions which are proud to proclaim not just the Class X and XII board exam results but the success they have achieved in building a sound character of a child with focus on values in life.

Yes, I agree in the long run, life does teach us a lot of things but why wait for a lesson in future when we have the power to learn from the present?

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