Neena Arakal

I seem to be on an endless journey of discovering myself. Sometimes this recognition of self amuses me ,at other times it accuses me and most of the time it confuses me.It is extremely easy to write about ones academic and professional qualification where every letter is designed and defined to impress the reader.Let me…

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Challenge to Change

What is the role of schools today? Let’s study the ground realities first. Take for instance the school timings.It is mostly 8:00 -2:00pm for which the child has to get up at 6 am(or earlier)and by the time s/he reaches home in the afternoon,it is 3:00pm.So on an average nine hours are easily devoted to…

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Creating Curious Mind

Mind and ME is exclusively for children from elementary classes.  A place where they can freely express through thought, word and action. A range of group games ,activities and exercises help them to develop love towards learning. My aim is to make every child confident, independent and responsible. Stories, drama and music have super magical…

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A new school of thought, word and expression