Neena was Aadi’s teacher at a very sensitive stage in his learning.

When he moved from free-learning school Mirambika to Mother’s International School (MIS), Aadi experienced a structured format of learning for the first time. He knew little english or math, and spoke mostly in hindi.

By the time Aadi entered Class 2, he was confident, with a high level of proficiency in both the subjects. All thanks to Neena.

She continued to weave her magic when she created Mind and Me. Aadi was up early every Saturday, looking forward to the one hour he spent with his favourite teacher. “I love it there,” he would say. While there may be many learning centres that use experiential learning methods, what sets Mind and Me apart is the mind of its founder.

Thank you Neena, for making a difference!

Sweta Ghosh

(M/O Aadi)

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